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Turist Information Centre Ajdovščina
Cesta IV. Prekomorske 61 A
5270 Ajdovščina

tel.: +386 5 36 59 140

mon - fri: 8.00 - 16.00
sat: 8.00 - 12.00

mon - fri: 10.00 - 18.00
sat: 8.00 - 12.00


The inhabitants of the Vipava Valley follow their traditional customs and habits and are aware of their particular and distinct culture and its richness. The most distinctive of the culture is the wine and the September vintage. Winegrowers welcome visitors from far and near to come and help, feel and see what it is like to touch the magnificent grapes of the Vipava Valley and contribute in making these delicious wines of the Vipava Valley. The vintage is a very special event for the people of the Valley and even historical records support this statement, while in times past, the thundering of mortars announced the beginning of the vintage.

The next step is waiting for wine to mature. St. Martin’s Day – baptizing new wine! St. Martin’s Day is an event that takes place on 11 November, when the grape juice or must starts turning into wine. Events of the St. Martin’s Day in the Vipavska Valley are actually also thanksgiving festivals for abundant grape crops and are organized mainly by winegrowers of the Vipava Wine Road. Visitors are besides the new wine also offered some home made traditional dishes.
Although the Vipava Valley is one of the most known winegrowing regions, the St. Martin’s Day was in the past not as praised and celebrated as it is nowadays. But, similarly as in other winegrowing regions, this day became a day to thank for wine and therefore, winegrowers and visitors take advantage of it and taste and enjoy in the newly born wine.
Winegrowers in the Vipava Valley by custom invite to the St. Martin’s Day all their friends and relatives, who helped harvesting in the vintage. They are usually offered home made bread and prosciutto and then a dinner, often with venison and pork on the menu. For dessert visitors can enjoy in the potica and in doughnuts, and sometimes even potica filled with cracklings.

All throughout the year you are welcome to visit osmica, the traditional country feasts, which are open only 8 days in a year and offer home made food and drink. This habit has its roots in the times of Maria Theresa, the Holy Roman Empress of the Habsburg dynasty, when the authority tried to help the farmers in their poverty. Osmica feasts are marked with tree branches as well as with signposts.