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Turist Information Centre Ajdovščina
Cesta IV. Prekomorske 61 A
5270 Ajdovščina

tel.: +386 5 36 59 140

mon - fri: 8.00 - 16.00
sat: 8.00 - 12.00

mon - fri: 10.00 - 18.00
sat: 8.00 - 12.00

walking trips

Mount Čaven

Mountainners on mount ČavenMountain Region: the Notranjska region and the Primorska region
Tenant of the Anton Bavčar Mountain Hut: Ms Klara Lokar
Mobile Phone Nos.: ++386 31 634 464 and ++386 31 818 936 (Alojz Vitežnik)
Beds: 10 in each room, 30 all together
Seats in the Dining Room: 50

The description of the hut
The Anton Bavčar Mountain Hut is situated in the clearing between the Mt. Veliki Modrasovec in the north and the Mala Gora mountain pasture (1034 m above sea level) in the south. Both mountains stand at the southern edge of the Trnovo Forest and together form an area called Čaven. In 1908 the Vipava – Ajdovščina branch office of the Slovene Alpine Association rented a room in the forest hut in order to found a mountain refuge to all mountaineers. After the Second World War the mountaineers from Ajdovščina renovated the refuge in the forest hut and opened it on 22 June 1947. They named it after Anton Bavčar from Ajdovščina (1905 – 1944), who was in Trieste, during the war shot as a hostage. In 1963 the Ajdovščina Alpine Association bought and renovated the forest hut into a mountain refuge. Between 1978 and 1979 an extension to the refuge was built, the refuge was renovated again and renamed into a mountain hut. In 1993 the road was relocated from the front of the hut to the back, so that it does not disturb the guests. The hut is opened from the beginning of May until the end of September, every Saturday, Sunday and during the holidays. The restaurant seats 50 people and there is also a counter. In front of the hut is room for 40 guests, in two rooms, each with 10 beds and in the dormitory 30 beds, toilet and a bathroom with hot and cold water. The hut has no electric installation, thus the dining room is heated by a stove and electricity is produced by generator.

The hut offers a view only to the southeast, whereas the view from the nearby view places and bare mountain peaks is much broader. To the north it is possible to see the whole Trnovo Forest, the Mt. Javornik, the Nanos plateau and the Mt. Snežnik, and in the front the Otlica Plateau, the village of Predmeja and the hills of Maj, Kovk and Podrta Gora. To the south it is possible to see all over the Karst to the Gulf of Trieste, the Mt. Vremeščica and the Mt. Trstelj. To the west the view opens out to the Mt. Kucelj, the Mt. Čaven, to the Lower Vipava Valley and further to the Gorica region and Friuli Plain. Moreover, if the weather is nice it is possible to see the Venice. To the north the view opens out to Trnovo Forest with the highest peak of the plateau, Mt. Mali Golak.

By Car: First possibility is to drive along the local road either via the village of Col or the village of Lokavec. When you reach the village of Predmeja turn right if coming from Col or left if coming from Lokavec. From Predmeja there is another 8 km drive to the Anton Bavčar Mountain hut along the macadam road leading through the Trnovo Forest. The second possibility is to drive along the local road from the village Trnovo pri Gorici through the hamlet of Rijavci and past the Selovec Forest Hut (11 km).
On foot: There are 4 possible trails: From Ajdovščina through the village of Lokavec (3h 30 min), from the village of Vrtovin over the Mt. Kucelj (3h 30 min), from the village of Predmeja (1h 30 min), from Trnovo pri Gorici (3h).
Interesting trails:
The Mt. Veliki Modrasovec (1353 m), 30 min; the Mt. Mali Modrasovec (1305 m), 15 min; the Mt. Kucelj (1237 m), 45 min; the Mt. Čaven (1185 m), 1 h 30 min; the Mt. Mali Golak (1495 m) along the Slovene Mountain Trail 3h.

Other Mountain Huts Nearby:
Iztok Mountain Hut under the Golaki Mountains (1260 m) 2h 30 min
Pirnat Mountain Hut on the Mt. Javornik (1156 m) along the Slovene Mountain Trail, via the village of Col (9h-10h)