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Turist Information Centre Ajdovščina
Cesta IV. Prekomorske 61 A
5270 Ajdovščina

tel.: +386 5 36 59 140

mon - fri: 8.00 - 16.00
sat: 8.00 - 12.00

mon - fri: 10.00 - 18.00
sat: 8.00 - 12.00

villages nearby


The small village of Gaberje is a nucleated settlement, situated at 178 metres above sea level, in the middle of the Vipava Hills. The village lies on the slope of the Sv. Peter Hill (364 m) and is sheltered by the Ostri Vrh Hill (422 m), the Trešnik Hill (401 m) and the Planine Hills (437 m). The village has 98 houses, but only 44 houses are inhabited. Moreover, the distance between the first and the last house in the village is 540 metres. The village comprises several hamlets, namely Spodnji Konec, Jegno, Plac, Gornji Konec, Griža, Uhajne, Peganska Vas and Drsalca.

A Glance into the Past
Although Gaberje is the smallest local community, according to the number of inhabitants in the Municipality of Ajdovščina, it is worth mentioning that the village was first mentioned in historical records already in the 14th century. Medieval Urbarium that is kept in the Archives of Udine comprise the oldest document, mentioning the name of the village and bears the date 25 October 1367. Numerous important people coming from Gaberje made history. One of them is Marko Vales (1840-1905), a priest and a journalist, who published a book, titled War between French and Germans between 1870 and 1871 (Vojska med Francozi in Nemci leta 1870 do 1871) in 1875 in Gorizia. Another important man was Alfonz Vales (1875-1949) who used to work as a teacher at the teachers’ training college in Maribor, where he wrote a number of books on methodology and didactics for primary school teachers.

The Baroque Church of St. Martin is also of great historical importance. Above the church entrance the date 1670 is inscribed. In that very year the church was renovated and enlarged. Despite that, the church was built a few centuries earlier. The church has three baroque altars. Above the main altar hangs the painting of St. Martin, painted by Antonio Paroli (1688-1768), the Baroque painter from Gorizia,.
The village is surrounded by eight chapels, each and every one of them is renewed and well maintained. At one of the chapels opens up a breathtaking view on the Mt. Sveta Gora, of course if the weather is fine.

The village boasts also many other interesting sites. In the core of the village stands a school, which operated between 1882 and 1962. However, as the building was not used for educational purposes, the youth from the village decided to renovate the building for various purposes. In 1998 they held the opening of a basement room called Martin’s Cellar (Martinov hram). Shortly after, they continued renovating the building and in 2003 opened a large hall called Martin’s Hall, suitable for culture events, celebrations and meetings. Today, the entire building is renovated in what the locals take great pride. Besides the building stands a monument in memory of victims of the Second World War with 27 names inscribed.

The most popular excursion spot of the village is the Ostri Vrh Hill (422 m) and is 40 minute walk away. Here you can enjoy in the magnificent view of the Vipava Valley, Gorica region and see over the Karst all the way to the sea. In addition, the traditional Hike down the Vertovec Paths runs over the Ostri Vrh Hill and you are warmly welcome to join the hikers on the second Sunday after St. Martin’s Day in November. Moreover, the village is situated along the Vipava Wine Road, therefore the wine cellars of the Gaberje winegrowers are always open for you.

On 11 November the celebration of the patron saint St. Martin takes place in Gaberje. On this occasion the locals organise a traditional celebration on St. Martin’s Saturday. After the cultural programme you are welcome to visit the wine cellars. We guarantee you’ll have a great time with delicious food and fine wine. Moreover, you can try your luck at bingo and enjoy yourselves in live music till late in the night.

In memory of the 26 February 1944, when the village underwent the bombing due to the holding of the Partisan Teachers Conference, the village celebrates this event with a cultural programme. On Mother’s Day the children thank to their mothers by holding a special celebration with diverse programme.
The village also follows the long tradition of celebrating May Day. The evening before the May Day, the boys cut down a tall pine tree and set up a maypole without any modern equipment on the village square. Besides excellent food, drink and live music, the visitors and locals can enjoy the splendid view of the neighbouring hills with lit bonfires.

Welcome to Gaberje!

Local Community of Gaberje
Chairman: Mr. Božidar Hrovat
Address: Gaberje 37, 6222 Štanjel, Slovenia
Telephone No.: +386 5 364 8697
Mobile Phone No.: ++386 40 589 057

St. Martin’s Sunday
Maypole Rising the evening before May Day, 1 May